On my search for more and more efficient therapeutical methods I found my spiritual teacher Christian Meyer in 2017. Christian Meyer used to be a psychotherapist for 20 years before he became a spiritual teacher. In his work, he combines psychotherapeutic techniques and spiritual practice.

At the end of the 90s he experienced awakening with his teacher Eli Jaxon-Bear (a student of Papaji). Awakening (or self-realization) is the end of the ego illusion. It is a state of connectedness with our true essence, often accompanied by perceptions of bliss, peace and overwhelming love. It is a conscious experience of oneness with nothingness and infinity – apart from body, psyche or personality.

After I had the mercy of this experience in 2019, I was able to observe that also my patients had deeper experiences during the therapy. Since then, it is my please to support people on their spiritual path.

My spiritual work is in the tradition of Advaita Vedanta (“Teaching of Non-Duality”). It teaches that awakening is possible for every human being in this life – independent of religion. Ultimately, all that is needed for this is the ability to surrender and let go. People face different kinds of obstacles on that path which can be overcome with specific exercises and insights.