It is one of my biggest passions to support people in emotional matters. On my journey becoming a therapist I have learned many different methods and techniques before developing my personal therapeutic style. It is mainly based on Gestalt therapy and trauma therapy.

Gestalt therapy was mainly developed by Fritz Perls. The word “Gestalt” is German and means “entity”. It is referring to a complete entity consisting of perceptions, feelings, thoughts etc. In our psyche we have many different entities.

Emotional distress comes up when one (or more) of these entities can’t be lived out freely – when feelings get suppressed or parts of us get denied.

The goal of Gestalt therapy is to accept all of these parts inside of us and give space to them. This often leads to relief and inner growth. Our brain can start to perceive situations from a new perspective.

Other important influences which I apply in my work come from trauma therapy, NARM®, conversational therapy, Radical Honesty, NLP, EFT and hypnosis.

Here you can watch an introduction into my emotional work: