Honesty has become a fundamental part of my life and my work. I’m mainly influenced by Radical Honesty® and the work of Gopal.

“Deep Honesty” is the name of my group work in which I combine the principles of Radical Honesty® and Trauma Therapy.

Radical Honesty®

In the year 2019 I came across “Radical Honesty®”. It is a philosophy, a lifestyle, an emotional and a communication model. It was invented by the Gestalt therapist Brad Blanton (a student of Fritz Perls), who realized that every patient had an aspect of lying, withholding, pretending or masking in his life. As soon as the patients learned to clearly say what they feel and what they want in all the important relationships in their lives, they would recover from different kinds of emotional distress (anxiety, depression, compulsive behavior etc).

On the many Radical Honesty® retreats I visited, I realized that honesty is a key to personal and spiritual growth. The changes I made to my life through the practice of Radical Honesty® were overwhelming and I soon started to encourage my patients to experience the liberating effect of telling the truth.

Seeing that Radical Honesty® is based on Gestalt therapy, it was easy to integrate its principles into my work. I apply the principles both in single sessions with patients and clients and also on seminars when I work with groups.

More information about Radical Honesty®: www.radicalhonesty.com/

I am not a Radical Honesty® Trainer and I do not represent the Radical Honesty Institute.

Gopal Norbert Klein

Gopal Norbert Klein is a German trauma therapist. He invented “Honest Sharing” and “Floating” which are group processes to overcome trauma and process unsolved emotional matters in connection with others.
Speaking about my current emotional experience and revealing my projections in a group are the fundamental mechanisms of his work. Gopal realized that healing can only happen in connection. I judge his techniques to be deeply transforming.

More information about Gopal: www.traumaheilung.net

Couple counseling

After I began to work with emotions in groups, soon the question for couple counseling came up. A partner is usually a beautiful mirror for my own unfinished emotional business. In my work with couples, I try to increase the awareness for projections and I aim at improving communications skills. I try to encourage couples to open up completely to their partner and experience the deep connection which is possible through honesty.