Q&A Livestream on Tiktok

  • January 15, 2022
    4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
    Central European Time (CET)

As I generally have a Q&A-Livestream on YouTube every month for my German speaking followers, I’d like to offer regular Livestream sessions on Tiktok in English as well.

Log in and ask me anything you like – I think you dont even need a Tiktok account for it:


Questions can be around the 4 pillars of my work:

As the questions can come very quickly in the chat and I might miss the one or the other, I advice you to send me an eMail with your question if you want to make sure that I answer it:

mail at feelandfindfreedom.com

Looking forward to seeing you!




Legal disclaimer
Please note that there will be no remote diagnosis or remote treatment in this event. In case of symptoms or severe emotional distress, please advice a doctor or therapist near you! The methods of diagnosis and therapy which I apply in my work are based on experiential medicine. These methods and their efficacy are not scientifically proven.