Deep Honesty (online)

  • July 4, 2022
    4:00 PM - 6:30 PM
    Central European Time (CET)

Starting time: 4pm Central European Time = 10am Eastern Time

Online group session for emotional work with the principles of Radical Honesty and trauma therapy.
Open to anybody! No requirements. Maximum 10 participants.



Why group work?

After I had done hundreds of hours of therapy as a client, I was surprised to experience the much stronger transformational power of working in groups on Radical Honesty seminars. As one core aspect of trauma is isolation, I understood why we can only heal in groups or relationships were we show ourselves honesty and experience connection.

From evolution biology we can conclude that one biological intention for the development of emotions is to communicate the state of an individual to a group. That can explain why our brain is willing to relax any emotion significantly faster when it gets the experience of being seen and heard.

Feeling and expressing emotions spontaneously is the natural state of a human being. Unfortunately most of us have never learned to neither connect to our emotions nor to express them.


What you can learn

  • How to tell the truth
  • How to heal by expressing emotions
  • How to create connection
  • How to overcome shame
  • much more ­čÖé


Tools we will use

  • Languaging: Accurate formulations help us to fully orient in an experience and overcome emotions.
  • Awareness: We will increase our awareness of what actually happens and what we imagine.
  • Body-Awareness: A great tool to let “loose our mind and come back to our senses” and enter our emotional flow.
  • Connection: Telling the truth and allowing us to experience whatever comes up will help us to feel connected.

You can bring any issue or any question to the session!

The session will last between 2-2,5 hours depending on whats coming up. The session will not be recorded. Please be on time – you can enter maximum 15 mins after the official start.

It is absolutely necessary that you show up with your camera switched on and your audio working. Please don’t join via mobile phone or from a public place to keep the confidentiality. This group process is experiential work where your participation is needed – it is not possible to just watch.

You will get a confirmation email with the Zoom-Link right after signing up. There will be no more further invitation! If you don’t get the confirmation eMail, please contact me: mail ├Ąt


Legal disclaimer
Please note that there will be no remote diagnosis or remote treatment in this event. In case of symptoms or severe emotional distress, please advice a doctor or therapist near you!







My online events take place on the platform Zoom. You will need a microphone and a webcam to participate.

Please check beforehand, if Zoom works well on your computer. I won’t have time to offer technical support during the event.

I don’t advice to participate from a phone as you wont be able to see the full group on one screen then.

Here you can test if your computer is set up properly:

For technical support, please visit the Zoom website: