Whoever looks deeper into the 5 Biological Laws (5BL), will sooner or later be confronted with the highly questionable personality of Dr. Hamer. Many people get appalled by all the scandals and absurdities connected to him and loose any interest in looking deeper into the 5BL. I can understand this reaction quite well. I also had big difficulties with the Dr. Hamer. In my opinion, Hamer’s personality has gone through a pathological development starting in the 90s, which ultimately made him believe absurd ideas and communicate them in a rather aggressive way. This development can be understood, but not excused. For these reasons, many people face difficulties when they try to look deeper into the 5BL.

I would like to encourage you: Genius and insanity have often home together in history. On this page, you fing my positions about what I agree and disagree with about Dr. Hamer’s findings.

My opinion is: 
5 Biological Laws -> yes 
Germanic New Medicine -> no

What is the difference of the „5 Biological Laws“ and the „Germanic New Medicine”?

The 5 Biological Laws

The 5BL are a pathophysiological model, which were developed by Hamer mainly in the 1980s. Pathophysiology describes the causes and mechanisms of diseases. The 5BL explain how symptoms come up and why the body starts and ends them. Nothing else – they are don’t contain therapeutic ideas and are free of any ideology.

However, with the knowledge of the 5BL, I can apply any therapeutic concept in a much more efficient way: be it therapeutic concepts of conventional or alternativ medicine.

Germanic New Medicine

Hamer has developed the “Germanic New Medicine” (GNM) after he had discovered the 5 Biological Laws. The GNM is his personal style to apply the 5BL. Hereby it is important to know that Hamer has gone through a highly problematical psychological development starting in the 1990s, which made him believe in absurd conspiracy theories and mix them with his GNM.

Here you find the fundamental elements of the GNM and why I consider them to be absurd and even dangerous:

Antisemitism: Hamer was convinced that “the Jews” would have understood that his GNM is correct and would apply them worldwide since then. He believed that all oncologists were Jews and would try to kill all non-Jews with chemotherapy. He demanded that this “mass murder” has to always be taught with his GNM.

Paranoia of conventional treatment: Hamer scared most of his patients by telling him that their doctors would be Jews who tried to kill them. He told his patients that they have to leave the hospital as fast as possible, because they were allegedly in danger there. They were encouraged to stop any form of conventional medical treatment proposed by their doctors. He told them to stay home and listen to a recording of his song “Mein Studentenmädchen”. It is no wonder that many dangerous and even deadly situations occurred because of this. The media has reported about a lot of these cases.

The song „Mein Studentenmädchen“: Hamer has composed a song for his first wife when he was still a student. Until his death, he was convinced that there are “magical powers” in this song, which could cure people from practically anything. In his last years, he advised nearly all his patients to listen to this song repeatedly 24 hours a day – and did so himself. Giovanna Conti, a befriended pianist of him, analysed the song and assumed that there would be a golden ratio in the structure of the melody. However, this analysis was manipulated and done incorrectly so it just looks that there is a golden ratio in it. This song is more or less the only “therapeutic element” which Hamer advised to his patients.

Absurd promises: Hamer gave his patients totally far absurd promises of getting cured. He used to talk about a “99% survival rate” of his GNM in comparison to “99% mortality” of academic medicine. These numbers are absolutely grotesque and irrational. Many cases of people who died under the treatment of Hamer show that these assumptions are unsustainable. During his last years, he explained the deaths of his patients with another theory: He believed that his patients had been implanted microchips through vaccines. These microchips would contain poison, which could be released through satellites signals. Thus, he finally had testified his complete loss of reality.