1983 born and raised in Krefeld, Germany
2003-2009 conservatory of music “Hanns Eisler” Berlin, studying opera singing
2006-2019 music comedy duo “Ass-Dur”
2010 official therapist certification (“Heilpraktiker”)
2022 Certified NARM® Therapist

At age 16 I experienced the boundaries of academic medicine on my own body: I had a “chronical” and “uncurable” laryngitis. At that time, I already wanted to become an actor or singer and thus this diagnoses hit me very strongly. All the doctors told me to plan something different with my life and that I have to accept that my voice would never recover. After one year, I decided to try some alternative treatments, even though I was very sceptical towards these “unscientific” approaches. I finally found a homeopath and got cured quite fast.

Since this moment, there were 2 questions which I couldn’t let go of any more:

  1. What is the real cause of symptoms?
  2. What is the most efficient therapy?

Because my voice recovered fast and my first passion was to be on stage, I started to study opera singing in Berlin. I also became a music comedian and toured Germany, Switzerland and Austria for 13 years with my music comedy Duo “Ass-Dur”. At the same time I completed a training as a naturopath (“Heilpraktiker”) and started to study many different therapeutic methods and approaches. I learned homeopathy, kinesiology, hypnosis therapy, NLP, EFT and psychosomatic medicine. Furthermore I looked deeper into Radical Honesty, shamanism, bioresonance therapy and The Work.

I also started a spiritual path doing meditation and yoga, I started to practice buddhism and looked deeper into the teachings of advaita vedanta.

Finally I found the answer to my first question in the 5 Biological Laws. Unfortunately, I had to realize that the therapies which Hamer (the discoverer of the 5BL) was able to offer, didn’t seem to be efficient and his personality made me believe that he didn’t have good solutions for his patients. (Though there definitely are exceptional cases of people getting cured by him.)

So I continued looking for an answer to my second question. From the perspective of the 5BL it is clear that every therapy needs to be aligned with the concepts and worldviews of a patient. The 5BL explain why you can find success stories with almost any therapy in this world today – because it’s almost never the therapy which cures, its the brain itself starting regenerating processes.

Throughout the years, I have done different trainings and courses in therapeutic approaches until I developed my own therapeutic style, which aims at making deep and lasting changes in every client.

My style is composed of Gestalt therapy, trauma therapy, depth psychology, conversational therapy, NLP, EFT and hypnosis.

The most influential teacher I had was Christian Meyer. I also took seminars with Laurence Heller, Susan Campbell, Dietrich Klinghardt, Rüdiger Dahlke, Byron Katie and Nicolas Barro.

Other people which have influenced my work significantly are Laurence Heller, Gopal Norbert Klein, Mike Hellwig, Bert Hellinger, Brad Blanton, Milton Erickson, Eli Jaxon-Bear, Wilhelm Reich, Wilfried Reuter and Ramana Maharshi.

Here you can watch an introduction video about me and how I became a therapist: