What are the 5 Biological Laws?

The 5 Biological Laws (5BL) are a system to describe the cause of symptoms in human beings and animals. It is similar to psychosomatic medicine – just in detail way more precise and can be understood from a perspective of evolutionary biology. The 5BL explain that all what we used to describe as a defect, infection or allergy, can be considered as adaptation mechanisms to ensure our survival. These mechanisms are controlled by our brain.

Just as the brain starts symptoms, it is able to stop the symptoms according to the 5BL.

The 5BL are not a therapy but a pathophysiological model, which describes the causes of symptoms. In order to treat symptoms, the 5BL need to be applied with therapeutic techniques. I personally use techniques of Gestalt therapy, depth psychology, conversational therapy, hypnosis therapy and NLP.

For more information on the 5 Biological Laws, I suggest the following sources (so far, unfortunately, most material is only available in German):


What does a 5BL coaching / treatment look like?

We’ll start by analyzing the causes of your symptoms. To understand the processes that are active within you, I will look at your symptoms, the overall course of events and check your medical reports.  

Knowing your specific process allows us to determine which biological conflict perception is or has been active. We will then try to find out under what circumstances in your life you perceive that biological conflict.  

This is where the actual therapeutic work starts. The goal is to find an inner solution to your conflict perception. Your brain will be able to perceive your situation from a new perspective, and the conflict perception can come to an end. 


The 5BL as a complete system have not been scientifically tested yet. The following studies confirm some of the key messages:

(1st Biological Law: Conflict perceptions lead to symptoms)

(2nd Biological Law: 2 phases of stress reactions)

(3rd Biological Law: The compartiment theory says that tumors don’t leave their original germ layer.)

(4th Biological Law: Microbes support decomposition of cells and regeneration processes)

(4th Biological Law: The nervous system modulates the composition of our microbiome.)

(lymph nodes don’t metastasize)

Basically every medical study with a placebo group confirms the mechanisms of the 5BL: The placebo effect can only be explained through the capacity of the brain to start and stop symptoms.

I clearly distance myself from Dr. Hamer (the discoverer of the 5BL) and his absurd, nationalistic and antisemite conspiracy theories. Furthermore I warn everybody against the dangerous therapeutic concepts of the so called “German New Medicine”. I don’t offer neither “German New Medicine” nor “Germanic New Medicine”!

Why this is so important to me you can read here.

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